Surgery games

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Plastic Surgeon Game1. Plastic Surgeon
Rating: 7
Played: 1195
Surgeon Simulator 2013 Game2. Surgeon Simulator 2013
Rating: 7.75
Played: 1402
Acne Be Gone Game3. Acne Be Gone
Rating: 10
Played: 779
Angry Birds Dentist Game4. Angry Birds Dentist
Rating: 8.71
Played: 290
Save Freddie Game5. Save Freddie
Rating: 4
Played: 722
Dark Cut Game6. Dark Cut
Rating: 7.92
Played: 971
Plasty My Face Game7. Plasty My Face
Rating: 6.14
Played: 1200
Hospital Design Game8. Hospital Design
Rating: 0
Played: 223
Arm Surgery 2 Game9. Arm Surgery 2
Rating: 7.75
Played: 726
Dark Cut 2 Game10. Dark Cut 2
Rating: 7
Played: 1052
Knee Surgery Game11. Knee Surgery
Rating: 7.55
Played: 1522
Dentist And Exploding Tee Game12. Dentist And Exploding Tee
Rating: 10
Played: 382
Frog Dissection Game13. Frog Dissection
Rating: 7.25
Played: 58704
Generation Pharmacy Game14. Generation Pharmacy
Rating: 1
Played: 128
Organise Game15. Organise
Rating: 1
Played: 106
Fever Frenzy Game16. Fever Frenzy
Rating: 1
Played: 144
Amateur Surgeon Game17. Amateur Surgeon
Rating: 0
Played: 192
Brain Surgery Game18. Brain Surgery
Rating: 7.84
Played: 18185
There are 18 surgery game in Surgery games section. The most recent ones can be sorted as: plastic surgeon, surgeon simulator 2013, acne be gone, angry birds dentist, save freddie, dark cut, plasty my face, hospital design, arm surgery 2, dark cut 2, knee surgery, dentist and exploding tee, frog dissection, generation pharmacy, organise, fever frenzy, amateur surgeon, brain surgery...


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