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Barbie Veterinarian Game1. Barbie Veterinarian
Rating: 1
Played: 41
Barbie Mask Designer Game2. Barbie Mask Designer
Rating: 0
Played: 9
Cute Girl Daily Routine Game3. Cute Girl Daily Routine
Rating: 10
Played: 70
Barbie Gadget Princess Game4. Barbie Gadget Princess
Rating: 0
Played: 41
Shopaholic Milan Game5. Shopaholic Milan
Rating: 10
Played: 220
Candy Manicure Game6. Candy Manicure
Rating: 7
Played: 193
Monster High Haunted House Game7. Monster High Haunted House
Rating: 7
Played: 175
Snowboard Dressup Game8. Snowboard Dressup
Rating: 10
Played: 155
Barbie Pilates Dress Up Game9. Barbie Pilates Dress Up
Rating: 10
Played: 270
Barbie Wedding Preparation Game10. Barbie Wedding Preparation
Rating: 5.5
Played: 473
Barbie Ken Wedding Game11. Barbie Ken Wedding
Rating: 10
Played: 626
Barbie And Fab Sisters Hi Game12. Barbie And Fab Sisters Hi
Rating: 6
Played: 994
Barbie Party Cleanup Game13. Barbie Party Cleanup
Rating: 7.75
Played: 458
Barbie Ride Game14. Barbie Ride
Rating: 7
Played: 568
Barbie Wedding Dress Game15. Barbie Wedding Dress
Rating: 5.5
Played: 524
Barbie Memo Game16. Barbie Memo
Rating: 10
Played: 430
Barbie Highschool Game17. Barbie Highschool
Rating: 8.5
Played: 788
Barbie Bike Stylin Ride Game18. Barbie Bike Stylin Ride
Rating: 7.75
Played: 1173
Barbie With Car Game19. Barbie With Car
Rating: 8.2
Played: 549
There are 36 barbie game in Barbie games section. The most recent ones can be sorted as: barbie veterinarian, barbie mask designer, cute girl daily routine, barbie gadget princess, shopaholic milan, candy manicure, monster high haunted house, snowboard dressup, barbie pilates dress up, barbie wedding preparation, barbie ken wedding, barbie and fab sisters hi, barbie party cleanup, barbie ride, barbie wedding dress, barbie memo, barbie highschool, barbie bike stylin ride, barbie with car...